Suzanne's Kitchen travels to Afghanistan

We recently received an order for quite a few jars of jelly to be delivered to an army base. We exchanged emails to make sure the package arrived safely and received this email:

Thanks for the update, by the way we love your jellies here in Afghanistan. I received my first order of your hell and purgatory jelly through Amazon a few days ago, they didn't last long so I have to restock. A soon as my package from home with Triskets, peanut butter, sausages and assorted hard cheeses get here, along with your jelly we will be back in business.....Now if I could only figure out how to ship cream cheese here!! :)
          Thanks again,

We were thrilled to hear it, and decided John was the right person to distribute some pepper jelly care packages.  He recently sent us this update:

American Soldier in Afghanistan with Pepper Jelly on the table.

I received my package today and I can't thank you enough for the extra jellies and crackers. the whole maintenance dept. ate 1 box of crackers and 1 jar of jelly. Nothing but rave reviews for it. I managed to get away to give the other box of crackers and jelly to one of the airfield security troops who was manning the gate. I asked him if he liked hot pepper jelly and that was a resounding yes!! So he was today's lucky winner. I attached a picture of the airman ( for security reasons he removed his rank and name tab ). Talked to him later in the evening, and he and his comrades were eating it, yes, even in 100 degree weather it is that good!!!.
Anyway, you guys are a class act and it is refreshing to do business with a company such as yours for a change. On behalf of your growing list of fans in Afghanistan, thank you for your jellies and your support..

John included the great picture above.

We intend to thanks him with more care packages to distribute. If we could just ship cream cheese!!

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