Suzanne Senior

As most of you know I started making pepper jelly in remembrance of my Mother, Suzanne, after she passed away.

It's October and Mom's birthday just came and went, again. She left us in October, as well. So in October she always seems more present. This has made me think more about some of her recent "visits" to me.

Not long ago I stopped in St Michaels, Maryland, on my way to the beach. Here I saw this (photo below) posted on the bathroom wall where I stopped for lunch. It says "Behind all your Stories is your Mother's story. Because her story...Is where your story begins."

Behind all your Stories...I can't help but believe I was led to that place at that moment to receive this message. My mother loved St. Michaels. Mom is always sending messages and reminders. She keeps me on track and her memory and her stories come forward in my mind when I am making decisions, or am stuck and looking for direction.

I was recently in Italy and I saw so many churches and cathedrals that I began to pass them without even noticing them. One day I was quite lost in Venice and I entered a church that was off the beaten path. When I entered I was immediately overwhelmed. It's ceiling rivaled the Sistine Chapel. I felt compelled to light a candle for my mother as well as the Mother's of two close friends. My traveling companion also came in when it was evident I wasn't coming out and he too felt the peace and love emanating from this sacred place. We both left with happy tears falling. My Mother never traveled to Italy in her physical form, but I think she traveled with me.

It's been long enough since her death that the ache is gone. In it's place is a full heart that carries her along. I know she loves seeing me working hand in hand with my siblings and her grandchildren, telling her story as we sell her jelly.

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