What The Heck is Pepper Jelly?

What the heck is pepper jelly? Really? It’s funny because I thought everyone knows what pepper jelly is. I grew up eating it so I assumed most people did too. It’s like someone saying what the heck are mashed potatoes!! My mother made pepper jelly and I am happy to say that it is a part of our family’s tradition and it is more wonderful than mashed potatoes. And more versatile!

Pepper jelly is described as a piquant mix of sweetness and heat. Piquant means (I looked it up) pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind. Pepper jelly is definitely PIQUANT! It’s a great word. Pepper jelly is sweet with heat. We have 4 varieties that have varying degrees of heat, depending on the pepper combination, and they are all pleasantly sweet and stimulating to the mind. Yes it is mind candy. It is very addictive.  People that try it cannot get enough. They come back begging for more. Heh heh heh.

Our jellies are made with fresh green and red bell peppers, jalapenos, and habaneros. Our Ghost Jelly is made with the hottest dang pepper in the world, the ghost pepper AKA The bhut jolokia. Ghost Jelly heat sneaks up on you. Sound scary? It is! But it is also very delicious and - PIQUANT!

Pepper jelly can be used in a variety of ways. It can be an instant hors d'oeuvre when served with cream cheese and crackers or it can be used in numerous recipes. The sweet heat of the jelly paired with anything savory hits every note on your flavor pallet - PIQUANT. We have a broad sampling of these recipes on our website. All of the recipes are really, really yummy but one of my favorite treats using our pepper jelly is paired with peanut butter on a cracker or sandwich. The mix of peanut butter and the heat of the pepper gives it an Indian flair, like a Satay.  It’s DEVINE!

Well, like most things in life you really need to try it to believe it. I have not met a person yet who hasn’t liked it. (well, there was that one miserable guy who hates living too) Everyone loves it. Even little kids like it. Some people, for some odd reason, are just afraid to try it but…I don’t know what that’s about. Anyway, I have complete faith in the fact that we have the right amount of heat for everyone. We have developed 4 piquant varieties so you & Goldilocks, can say “just right”.  Follow the links to the Flavor Varieties and you will have the information you need for a perfect fit.

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